A combination of industrial, graphic & web projects.

Oh My Gift
Branding + Web presence
Eklipse Lighting
Website + Rebranding
Cask & Keg
Liquor store web design
Cambie Malone's Group
Graphic selection
Citizen journalism
Malone's Bar & Grill
Menu & web design
Hostels Alessandro
Web design & rebranding
Digital partition stand
Mobile concept
Wearable design
Collina Toscana
Taste of Italy
Lock identifier
Day without noise
Noise pollution awareness
Kitchen scale

Why I do it

Because having a passion is great. Working on it everyday is even better!

Because in my world, words such as serifs, f-stop, jquery, anodized aluminum and 3D fillets are familiar words that surround my everyday. From 3D rendering, to graphic layout, I dig everything related to helping people, brands and ideas communicate efficiently.

Because my desire is to see great ideas grow into complete products. To see products that amaze by their simplicity, yet are pleasing to the eye , without sacrificing any bit of their core functions.

How I do it

As my perks are in constant evolution, here is a list of my last recorded superpowers and their current level:

What I offer

My multidisciplinary abilities have allowed me to offer my services in various fields. From simple yet efficient business cards to complex product development and technical drawings, my various skills allow for a complete communicative product, from its creation to its marketing.

Design, Develop & Deliver ; these are the three essential words leading my work process. By taking part in the complete design process, you have a motivated designer that is motivated to reach commercial success. That is my motivation!

Of course, all of this cannot be achieved without intensive analysis on the concept's target user and its environment. After all, knowing is half the battle!